Beware Of Mosquito Infestations Along The Coast

The country is surrounded by at least four major coastlines. The East Coast leads into the cold Atlantic Ocean. But the South coast could lead you towards warmer waters that can lead to the pacific islands, by an admittedly long route. Moving westwards, you find yourself in the Gulf of Mexico. And the West Coast leads into the warmer Pacific Ocean. And from east to west, stretching across the country, will be many rivers and lakes.

All of which is attractive breeding grounds for mosquito swarms. During the warmer months and particularly in those areas and coastlines that traditionally experience warmer and humid conditions, swarms will migrate across the oceans to enjoy the fertile territories for breeding and feeding purposes. Speaking of which, when you have received that irritating scratch on your arm then you know that you have been bitten and it is feeding time for the invading insect.

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Residences and businesses located in this east coast state may require mosquito management in berlin nj. It would depend on the severity. And if it is severe then you know that you have a potential pestilential epidemic on your hands. Residents and businesses that rely on heavy foot traffic into and out of their premises do need to beware of mosquito infestations. Located next to or close to waterlines, within miles in fact, there is always a strong possibility of this.

Complacency cannot be allowed to set in in the sense that people are deluded into believing that risks and dangers associated with disease-bearing mosquitoes are confined to the African continent. Just remember, as was mentioned earlier, mosquitoes do migrate seasonally and yes, they have the formidability to trek across thousands of miles of land mass or water to reach their preferred destination. It could be your back yard.